• Trusted physical therapy

    Welcome to the ABC - Alignment, Balance and Core - approach to better health

    CRS provides high quality care to patients with a wide spectrum of disabilities. CRS aims to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through an integrated approach. Let us help you feel relief.




Trusted physical therapy
Trusted rehabilitation method

Contemporary Rehabilitation Services provides a custom health solution offering you a better way to achieve optimal health, through the use of science-based nutraceuticals, effective weight management programs and customized supplementation products.

Wellness is our goal for each patient

Our spectrum of care ranges from acute symptoms management to solutions for positive health and wellness. Ongoing seminars on disease pathology, holistic approaches, the role of food and nutrition, the benefits of supplementation and alkaline water systems, stress relief through energy medicine, breathing techniques or pranayama, massage techniques and reflexology are some of the additional services offered.

In short, we truly practice our belief that the human potential is limitless. So RISE and SHINE, and HEAL thy self!

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