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About Us

Contemporary Rehabilitation Services was established in 1995 as a culmination of a long dream and quest. It was Jaya Kunnel's pursuit that brought forth the birth of a wellness center. It is her lifetime commitment to care for every one of her patients by delivering total individualized care programs for the restoration of their physical, psychological / emotional and spiritual  well being.

Jaya Kunnel, CRS founder, has had over 30 years of experience in a wide range of clinical, academic and administrative aspects of Physical Therapy practice. Jaya's passion over the past 18 years has been in the area of manual therapy. She pursued numerous continuing education courses in this field, including:

  • Advanced Craniofacial Therapy
  • Visceral Manual Mobilization
  • Neurofascial and Neuromeningeal mobilization
  • Joint Mobilization

In additional to her extensive training in manual therapies, Jaya's strong background in biomechanics and yoga have helped her to create a unique blend of structural and functional rehabilitation methods. 

Jaya's combined approach is presented as her "ABC" approach. ABC stands for Alignment, Balance and Core Stabilization. This methodology provides a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of any neuromuscular skeletal problem by addressing the source of disfunction and immobility cause by muscular, facial, ligamentous, or bony abnormalities - be it traumatic, inflammatory or neuropathic in nature.

One of the basic tenets in biology states that structure determines function; so a compromise in structure will invariably result in a compromise in the underlying function. This is the principle guiding structural restoration using the ABC approach.

Once the hypomobile structures are identified and rectified with a fine tooth comb, and mobility is restored, specific customized exercises based on yoga principles are taught to maintain and enhance movement. In addition, posture and gait corrections are made to further maintain corrections.

CRS has served hundreds of clients over these past 18 years.

  • We have even had the pleasure of having followed up to three generations of family members in some cases, with several families being seen for multiple issues.
  • Our success rate has been significant with several patients booked for surgeries no longer requiring undergoing any invasive procedures.
  • Our spinal management program which includes patients with any back / neck problems is extensive and comprehensive.
  • Our ongoing exercise classes/ yoga classes, nutritional supplementations, educational seminars on various aspects of health and wellness place us as a center of choice for total care of all individuals.

With a wide range of patients both in age and complexity of disorders, we believe “no patient is too small and no problems too big”.


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